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  • 6 WEEK Programme UNIQUELY TAILORED around your specific specifications and goals, with free progression. 

  • Calories, proteins, carbs & fats calculated for you, progressively changing.

  • Includes a diverse list of foods, to include into YOUR eating routine (flexible diet)

  • You will receive a PERSONAL video, from Karl, at the start of your programme, that goes through your programme in depth, addressing any questions or concerns

  • Personal MOTIVATION videos, UNIQUELY for you

  • Weekly check in, by text or email, where you can ask Karl about any queries, or request progression.

  • This is a 6 week Programme, giving you on the tools you need to succeed. 

  • Includes the Orcs Den Flexible Diet (ODFD)



Are you a beast who likes his or her workouts performed at the comfort of your den at home? Then this package is the one for you!

A Bodyweight only programme, this is a home training complete programme and guide. No equipment needed! Get lean, get shredded, fast with this home programme. (bands, dumbbells and other equipment can be optionally specified at the check out, to include these exercise in your plan).

WAS £74.99 NOW £49.99

Vince Lombardi




Are you someone who quests for perfection? Who is only interested in one thing, and one thing only, To obtain that perfect, jaw dropping, rounded and shredded physique? Then the warrior programme is for you!


This programme is a straight, no bull-shit plan, for the dedicated Gym warrior or bodybuilder. With goals in mind for symmetry, muscle fullness and roundness, size and leanness. This programme format will be for gym goers.

WAS £74.99 NOW £49.99


Is strength and power your objective? Do you want to increase the lbs on your bench? Your squats? Your rows!? Then you’re the Berserker

This programme is specifically focused around strength gains and size. Perhaps you’re a inspiring powerlifter? Or someone who wants to grow in size using strength and compound exercises? Then this package has everything you need.

WAS £74.99 NOW £49.99

If losing weight and toning up is your focus, then this pack is for you! 


You will get a direct blueprint programme on workouts (home or gym format) to tone up. Do you want to shape your glutes? Perhaps tighten your thighs and abs? Then we can give you the tools you need! You will also gain access to our ODFD (Orcs Den Flexible Diet) giving you all the freedom and movement to a diet that not only works, but a diet that can stay as an enjoyable lifestyle change.

WAS £74.99 NOW £49.99
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